who we are

We are your everyday folk doing our everyday jobs by day while creating Stuffit Bananas by night. Our office and processing is located in Hatfield, MA.

Stuffit Bananas was founded in 2014 by David. In 2015 Dave and Diane paired up and formed Stuffit Bananas, Inc.

our mission

To provide delicious frozen bananas using the freshest ingredients. Our goal  is to be selling our products in stores throughout the United States and expand our product line, by reducing waste and using all of the banana over time. 


 Our Products

We currently have 4 flavors of individually packaged bananas.

  • Fudge filled
  • Peanut butter filled
  • Plain dipped
  • Strawberry filled
Stuffit Bananas, Inc.,   127 Prospect Street, Hatfield, MA 01038   (413) 563-6003   Email: Diane@stuffitbananas.com
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